Payroll Services

Balance Payroll will fully manage your everyday payroll activities accurately and on time. We ensure payroll compliance using our secure and specialist IT systems and provide payroll advice and support which is all delivered by a very experienced and trusted team.

Payroll can be a time-consuming and sometimes complex activity which needs to be completed correctly and on time to stay on the right side of both employees and HMRC.

Balance Payroll will ensure that you meet all your payroll obligations correctly. Our established team has years of payroll experience and will efficiently deal with day-to-day payroll including adjustments for leavers and starters, maternity leave, holidays, statutory sick and workplace pensions.

When the frequent regulatory changes occur, we are quick to advise and amend procedures accordingly. You don’t have to worry! Payroll is all we do and our practical day to day help combined with proactive advice and support make us an invaluable resource for our clients. Our affordable expertise will enable you to remain focused on your core business.

Balance Payroll has taken care of our payroll requirements for a number of years. The team provides an exceptional, courteous and professional service.  They are always available to provide expert solutions to any questions or issues that may arise. Balance Payroll consistently exceeds expectations and the variety of services they offer would be a great asset to any organisation. 

Natasha Sweasey – Ed Clarke Building Ltd T/A EC1 Build 

What do we do?


Calculate all the many elements of your payroll including for example holiday pay, statutory payments e.g. statutory maternity pay, pension contributions and deductions for income tax and national insurance.


Produce and deliver payslips and payroll reports for you and your employees securely via email or online portal.


Ensure that your payroll is compliant with requirements for record keeping and submissions of real time information to HMRC.


Assist with your workplace pension administration.

NEW Employers 

Provide guidance and support for new employers and start-ups including registration with HMRC.


We can help you with all matters relating to your payroll and HMRC including correspondence, your remittance of tax and national insurance and support during inspections.

Construction Industry Scheme

For contractors using the Construction Industry Scheme we can process payments made to subcontractors and submit your returns to HMRC.


We provide detail and support for your accountants especially at your organisation’s financial year end.

Balance have looked after our payroll
since the charity began in 2001. Their attention to detail is fantastic and they are endlessly helpful with any problems we ask them about. It has been great to work with them.

Marc Ennals – T-Base

Balance Payroll has provided us with payroll services for 8 years now taking all the payroll headaches away from us especially as our payroll is complicated with varying staffing levels, some with overtime some with bonuses etc. They are extremely efficient and nothing is too much trouble for them. All in all a very good balance for us all.

Sharne Smith – Mediafleet



We are a Bacs registered payroll bureau. Many of our clients take advantage of our ability to process salaries directly to their employee’s accounts after they have set up a Bacs facility with their bank.

This is a benefit for smaller companies who only deal with a small number of Bacs transactions each month or those who don’t have the resource to create a Bacs payment function within the business.

For larger companies our Bacs Approved stautus ensures salaries are paid directly into employees’ accounts accurately and efficiently. 

 Our status as a Bacs Approved Bureau also demonstrates our commitment to stringent processes and secure systems as the Bacs Approved Bureau (BAB) Scheme conducts regular inspections that assess Balance Payroll’s technical competence and operational integrity.

Our Partners

Working with us

We aim to make working with us as simple as possible. Whether you are a start-up or an established business there is no set up charge. For a new business, we can set up your PAYE scheme with HMRC. An established business will need to provide us with existing payroll information to add to our systems. Whatever the stage of your business your payroll set up will be straightforward, as we will guide you every step of the way.

Once the payroll system is implemented we will need to agree on how you will provide information to us about changes to employees’ circumstances for example sickness and absence, leavers and starters, maternity or changes to pay. We will guide you on the required information but how you provide it is down to you; form, email, phone, text – whatever works best for you and your business.

Additional Services

Payroll services for startups

Launching a new business is an exciting time but there are so many elements to manage it can seem overwhelming. This is why many entrepreneurs choose to outsource some elements of the business management, including pay roll.

Payroll services for accountants

Payroll can be complex and time consuming which is why some accountants turn away payroll work which leaves a gap in their offering. Balance Payroll can fill that gap.